Capital Campaign Specialists

Greetings and Good Day!

It is my hope that your tour of our site leads you to exploring further how PCA's services might facilitate the realization of the dreams you have for your organization. Or if you are a professional looking to connect with one of the most progressive consulting operations in the country, we welcome your inquiry. We are always looking to add committed, creative and passionate individuals to our team.

Philanthropic Consultants of America was founded with several guiding principles in mind:

From our creative pre-campaign Planning/Action process to our flexible consulting style, our goal is to be of maximum service to the organizations with whom we are privileged to partner. With each new experience, we maintain our corporate commitment to designing a service model that ensures you have enough counsel to succeed while at the same time you do not pay for more than you need. From our perspective, non-profit resources represent precious donated funds - prudence and good judgment suggests they should be used wisely and conservatively.

We draw upon decades of successful capital campaigns in order to build successful and creative strategies for our clients. We pride ourselves on being capital campaign specialists. Our work includes a wide cross-section of campaigns - large and small, secular and religious, local community drives and international efforts, from $1,000,000 to $250 million.

We believe the client-counsel relationship works best as a partnership…and we would welcome the opportunity to share a part of your vision for the future.

With Gratitude,

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