Capital Campaign Specialists

Virtual Consulting Services

Did you know that almost 50% of the fees charged by most consulting companies can be attributed directly to overhead and travel? That is why PCA was established around a regional structure that allows us to minimize travel and pass these savings on to our clients.

Today we have taken this concept a step further. Modern communication tools continue to shrink the world in which we live. Tele & Video conference are no longer solutions to scheduling problems - they make sense! The internet and all its related technology can, at times, make "being there" an unnecessary luxury. Or it may be just what an organization needs to live within the limits of its budget. As part of our ongoing effort to remain on the cutting edge of service to non-profits, we opened the door several years ago to Virtual Consulting Services. This was an intentional effort to respond to three situations or challenges within the non-profit community:

  1. Non-profits in remote areas are often hard-pressed to attract quality fundraising counsel at a reasonable cost.
  2. Some institutional staff need only minimal assistance yet most firms sell "all or nothing" services. These organizations want and need a measure of guidance and support but not at the high-priced monthly fee structures that have become quite commonplace.
  3. Finally, there are many organizations that could make excellent use of counsel's presence during a campaign's early stages but believe they are well equipped to finish the job with only periodic off-site coaching.

Virtual Consulting Services enable PCA to design a service plan that is truly responsive to the needs of these organizations. Our virtual services include a creative mix of the following:

Whether you are looking to build your entire mode of service around a virtual model or are looking for experienced remote counsel at a reasonable cost, contact PCA and we will be pleased to tailor a plan of service the fits your needs.